Happy Friday everyone. Today I did something scary.how-to-expand-my-comfort-zone

It wasn’t comfortable, but it didn’t kill me. I fianlly reached a running goal of mine. To run a sub 10 min mile. Well today I killed that goal and did a 9:24 min mile. I left the comfort zone of the normal running easy pace.

I also took on a new class, which I thought was Zumba and ended up being Bokwa. Yes that’s a work and dance. Bokwa participants draw letters and numbers which look like dance moves. It’s energizing and fun but being my first class I looked a little out of place. It wasn’t hard, just something my brain has never seen before. Check it out below.

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Um…….. it’s clearly been a while since my last post. At least its in the same month and year, so it could be worse.

Giving a little update on things also known as my life. Not in any particular order.

I am hosting Thanksgiving at my house for the FIRST time ever. Yeah and I’ve never cooked a turkey before. Chickens yes, but never a turkey. For the last 30 years I’ve always gone to my grandmothers house and had family dinner there. This year I really don’t want the stress of chasing two kids under 4 around an unsafe house. They redecorate, destroy and break things and I just want to relax. Alan and I made the right decision and felt it was a much needed opportunity to just enjoy our own family. We invited others over too.

I am still working 3 jobs in art. While it may seem a like a bit, it really isn’t much time or effort doing something I completely LOVE and ENJOY.

Goals for the month of November went out the window especially after my half marathon. I needed a break to just (LIVE) go with the flow of life. No set, I NEED to run this many miles today plan to follow and frankly I LOVE IT. My longest run has been 6.8 miles on a Sunday in the freezing cold. Next up the Turkey  Trot on Thanksgiving. It’s been a long time since I’ve ran a 5K and excited to push it. My last race was a 10k and I hit a personal record at mile 3.1.  I am ready to do it again. I will write December goals, that’s a promise.

Both boys are doing well. Speaking of well, we had a well appointment for them last week. 18 months and 4 years require shots. We sat in the waiting room for 40 mins before someone called us, after I said to the receptionist how much longer? It wasn’t the first time we’ve waiting a long time, but I was PMSing and pissed. So I walked out and said don’t bother rescheduling us, we are done here. It’s NOT okay to have 2 little kids wait more than 15 mins to be seen and it would probably have waiting in the room for another 20 mins for the doctor and 30 mins for the appointment. Making it over two hours of being there. NO thanks. So I found a new place to go. IMG_7392IMG_7367

I also had company last week. I took care of a 4 month old on top of watching both boys. Man it was work and makes me question WHY on earth we want another one?!! I must drink more wine. End of story.

What have you been up to lately? Is anyone still around reading this crap?


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Menu Plan & Tip #50

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Fullscreen capture 12302012 31614 PM.bmp

  • Sunday- Pull pork sammies with raisin walnut coleslaw
  • Monday- Porcupine Meatballs with a side of couscous and green beans
  • Tuesday- Taco Tuesday with the fixings
  • Wednesday- Leftovers
  • Thursday- Banana Pancakes for dinner
  • Friday- homemade Pesto pizza with fresh Mozzarella
  • Saturday- Leftover or chili

Menu Plan Tip: What Can I feed my kids that they will eat?

The hardest task planing my weekly menu is coming up with ideas that my kids will LIKE to eat for dinner. Planning allows me to NOT have to make separate meals for the kids and a meal for us, the parents. While they MIGHT not always be smitten with what I cook, they do however had to take a no thank you bite (at least the oldest).   I always serve a side of something I know they will enjoy, but NOT always their favorite.

I was pleased to say that tonight’s dinner was a success with the coleslaw. My oldest tried cabbage and ate a walnut! Go figure.

What are you cooking this week?


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Fullscreen capture 12302012 31614 PM.bmp

  • Sunday- Meatball subs with fruit salad side
  • Monday-Tillapia rosemary olive oil Quinoa with a side of Asian salad
  • Tuesday-Crock pot Sesame Honey  over rice
  • Wednesday-  Zucchini Parm Chips, homemade chicken fingers and egg noodles
  • Thursday- Lo Mein loaded with veggies
  • Friday- homemade Pizza
  • Saturday- Crockpot smothered Chicken with a mushroom Gravy, baked potato
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Menu Plan Sunday ICON

Because It’s my goal to post my Menu plan for the week, here it is!


  • Monday- Southwester grilled chicken over spinach with a side of Garlic Bread( not clean so I won’t be eating that)
  • Tuesday- Taco Tuesday for my Lego playing kid with ground beef and veggies
  • Wednesday- Stuffed peppers (with leftover taco meat) with a side of brown rice
  • Thursday- Leftovers with side salad
  • Friday- Homemade Mushroom Pizza
  • Saturday- Pasta with Spaghetti butternut squash sauce with a side salad


  • Monday- Cottage Cheese with fresh pineapple, side salad and nuts
  • Tuesday- Ham and Hummus on flat bread with a grapes
  • Wednesday- Taco Salad with leftovers from dinner the night before with an apple
  • Thursday- Tuna Salad, hard boiled egg, with veggies and side of grapes/or apple
  • Friday-  Cottage cheese with fresh apples/pears and flax
  • Saturday- Turkey and Hummus Sammy on flat bread with hard boiled egg


I really haven’t plan to write out my breakfast menu, but I am hoping to make a batch of banana muffins. I will also eat cottage cheese, and oatmeal with fruit in the morning. I also will hard boil a few eggs to have as a quick breakfast.


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This week and next I’m tapering. What is that you ask? I’m supposed to “take it easy” and rest up for the BIG DAY. It’s not to say that I can’t workout and run, I’m just supposed to NOT try anything new, do anything different and build up reserves in my muscles. Apparently week one of tapering is making me bat shit crazy.
taperingI went to the gym this morning, remember it’s on my plan and I still need to run, and I banged out a nice pace for 4.5 miles at 10:23 average. Not bad, but sitting still ain’t easy. Enjoy your weekend. I’ll be running 5 miles over the weekend on Sunday too.

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Welcome to October, already. September flew away from me and I did manage to meet my goals. You may look back at my September goals and think to yourself, ” you only had three goals to accomplish, so yeah you would get them done”. I get it to. I actually only set a few small goals per months because if I compile a list three feet long I wouldn’t tackle half of them or any. It’s overwhelming. Besides, I have a bit on my plate and I don’t want to stress myself out with “trying” to reach way to many goals. Some months I can’t even meet the three I planned.

I’m proud to say that I meet each goal last months: menu plan for the week and stick to it, run at the gym, and manage a 21 day challenge group. It was a great few goals that I set for myself. I went at least 2 times a week to the gym and of course I did my own working out besides that. I ran a total of 92.2 miles last month. Holy batman! I guess when your goal is to run a half marathon, you need to put in the miles! Next two weeks I begin to Taper. Menu planning went great. I’ve kept on track with food and under budget for the first time with grocery shopping. I didn’t lie when I said in this post how important it is to menu plan to SAVE money.  I’ll be joining another 21 day challenge starting Oct 6th. Can’t wait to continue to be on track with my eating.

October Goals

  • 21 day challenge, my ultimate goal is to eat clean for 21 days!. It’s going to be a challenge alright, but what doesn’t challenge you, doesn’t make you stronger. My plan is to make things from scratch, like pancakes, instead of buying them. It’s going to make me PLAN, PLAN, PLAN like a mofo, but I am willing to give it a go. I will continue to menu plan for dinners and now lunch.
  • I also plan on TRACKing my food budget this month again and seeing where we fall. I plan on mostly shopping at the discounted grocery store, Aldi’s, for most of my food. I will keep all my receipts in one spot.  I am not even sure how much I spend in food! <–sad realization.
  • Fitness: My 2nd half marathon is on the 12th of October. I will continue to work my running training plan. I can’t believe I am going to say this, but I am going to allow myself some time off of running long distances, I think. Honesty I am torn about what to do next!! part of me wants to start x-training again and weight lifting and part of me wants to continue to run high mileages.  Not really sure, what or where I’ll be after my half, but I do know I’ll keep moving. So I guess I need to gather a plan.
  • Finish painting the kids playset!
  • Have all the kids clothing squared away and organized
  • Wash the family room carpet
  • I really want to blog more. I need to carve out time to do this. I think once my 1/2 training is complete there will be a little more time to think, process, and write. I really love blogging and writing.

Monthly Goals

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Hello Beautiful September. I’ve missed you and have a need for your cooler temperatures. My last post talked about how I need normalcy and this month I am focusing on just that. Routine and normalcy. Summer was fun, but I am done!

lets recap last months goals

  • Make a Menu Plan for each week of this Month. Fail
  • Starting back up my 1/2 Marathon Training Program. Success
  • Keeping up with cleaning. Success

While I love menu planning, I was all over the place last month with it. I would make a menu, change it, and then never bother to look at it to stay focused.IMG_5741

This September I am going to revisit staying on my target menu plan. It will help to cut cost on our food budget, that has gotten out of control and I plan on shopping mostly at Aldi’s for this month. I don’t like their veggies or fruit as they don’t last long, so I am going to make an extra trip to either the other grocery store or the farmers market.

Stick to my new workout plan that Previously posted. I’ll be running at the gym, which isn’t what I like, but it needs to be done. Doing it in the morning and not evening makes a world of difference on my runs and body. I am shot usually at the end of the day. So I am making time in the morning for it.

I also joined a 21 day challenge group where I’ve become a coach or mentor. I’m really enjoying the responsibilities and it will be the extra kick that I need. I post daily one picture of me working out/ running/ or any activity and 1 healthy meal a day. Last month I dropped over 5lbs doing a 21 day challenge group. It’s very motivating. Let me know if you want in for October!


Monthly Goals

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Super excited to start the fall schedule and normalcy of life starting yesterday next week. I’m trying not to hurry the rest of the summer time fun along, but I urn for a routine to follow. Speaking of which, I’ve done a little fall workout schedule for myself. It’s there to help guide me in my 1/2 marathon training and over all healthy and fitness goals. Fullscreen capture 8292014 20855 PM.bmp

As you can see I’ve been consistent on running my “long runs” on Sunday mornings. It works best for our family as it does take some time to complete the miles. I a lot about 2 hours of time to do my longer miles of 6+. I teach on Monday and Thursday and it usually wipes me clean of energy. Teaching elementary art and computers is exchanging, so I choose not to do anything to strenuous those days, expect arms, if i Choose to. Tuesday and Wednesday are my “treadmill’ runs at the gym. Fortunitly for me they have baby sitting right there on premise. After I drop Calvin off at school, which is the building next to the Y, I’ll go get my runs in while Rogan Plays. Saturday’s are usually my major rest days and spend with the family doing non rest day stuff. But it’s still a rest day for me.

What does your  workout schedule look like for the fall?

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IMG_7094 IMG_7107 IMG_7101 IMG_7088 IMG_7211 IMG_7189 IMG_7155 IMG_7153 IMG_7271 IMG_7128 IMG_7123

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Two months before Rogan’s 1st Birthday we had a very serious doctors appointment. After many kind people pointing out Rogan’s lazy eye we finally saw a pediatric Ophthalmologist. I was really nervous about his appointment and concerned for the out come.IMG_6632

As you can see here from the picture it looks to be a lazy eye. After a few tests and many questions later Rogan was diagnosed with Duane’s Syndrome in his right eye. He doesn’t have a lazy eye. IMG_6877

What is Duane’s Syndrome?

According to American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus

Duane’s Syndrome is a group of eye muscle disorders that cause abnormal eye movements. People with Duane syndrome have difficulty rotating one or both eyes outward (abduction) or inward (adduction).

There are 6 muscles in the eye that control all the movements and Duane’s syndrome is a mis-wiring of those eye muscles. In Duane syndrome, the sixth cranial nerve that controls the lateral rectus muscle (the muscle that rotates the eye out towards the ear) does not develop properly. The problem is the nerve that transmits the electrical impulses to the muscle.IMG_6800

So far Rogan doesn’t face any other characteristics beside the “lazy eye” look and that one  eye is smaller then the other. In Rogan’s case, Duane syndrome does not require surgical treatment at this point in time. Surgery for Duane syndrome is indicated for one of four reasons:

  • To reduce strabismus
  • To eliminate a socially unacceptable head position
  • To eliminate a significant upshoot or downshoot.
  • To eliminate disfiguring enophthalmos.

The goal of treatment is to restore satisfactory eye alignment in the straight-ahead position, eliminate an abnormal head posture and to prevent amblyopia. All which he shows no signs of. Some cases those with Duane’s Syndrome have other medical issues. He is one lucky dude and cute! 

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  • Make a Menu Plan for each week of this Month. It will help me stay organized.
  • Starting back up my 1/2 Marathon Training Program. I need to organize my days along with my x-training. It looks like Monday and Friday will be my cross train days. I might attempt a running class on Saturday mornings. Still working out the kinks
  • Keeping up with cleaning. The daily chores have gone to hell. That toilet that smells like piss, why yes it hasn’t been cleaned in two weeks, maybe 3. Umm yeah disgusting!


Recap of July

Continue to Rock my 530 am boot camp classes.I killed last months boot camp. I went 4 days a week!!! IT was killer and I feel great. Success. 

  Read a new book: seriously any book will do. I really miss reading. I’ll choose one book this month and finish it. Any suggestions? Fail

 I really need to do something crafty this month. I’ll get back to you on what that is exactly because I need to go pinterest a few ideas. Momma needs craft time. Success





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For me life lately has been pretty busy. Summer is in full swing and I’m checking off items of the summer bucket list. What does that mean for you? well the typical silence that you hear. That could be a good thing for some, who don’t give a rats ass about my blog, but you still read it. IMG_7078

I’m here to fill you in about what is going on in life. This is life lately.

I wake at 5 am, some days 530am. Not because children are in need of me. I’ve found a great routine starting with a bootcamp class that I give 100% to. It’s been a month of enduring vigorous boot-camp challenges and fatigue. Recovery hasn’t been glorious. It leaves me tired on days that I do it for 1 hour and 30 mins. Oh and it leaves me hungry!

I get home at 7am to be handed off my children from a husband who has 20 mins to get ready for work. I cook and make them breakfast and we are usually out the door by 9am.

OH it doesn’t stop.


We head to various fun activities, some days its backyard play. But whatever it may be it last till about 1130, when all hell breaks free because it’s feeding time.

I might have sat down for a few minutes if they were playing in the backyard, but most likely I didn’t. I tend to the garden.

I put Rogan, who is now 14 months old to bed. He is phasing out of his first nap, which is great and leaves for a longer afternoon nap time.

I quickly jump in the shower and wash off my 530am sweat. Yup I stink by now and you know it.  I constantly watch the clock counting on the little dudes nap to get shit down around here, like the 3 piles of laundry waiting to be washed, folded, and put away. I could possible blog about something, but that shower has taken 30 mins. I needed to shave my legs. It’s summer time people!

It’s 1 pm and I’m burnt toast. I try to find time to take a 15 min break, reading!! Yup reading, its a novelty around here to do, but I try to find time to do it. That really only leads to 5 mins of reading and a 15 min power nap. My eye grow heavy and it’s just to hard to stay away. If I get no nap, consider that  I have wine in my glass and I’m on my second cup.

I can give you a laundry list of shit I do till Rogan wakes, but it’s just domestic stuff. Pfff to that.

Rogan wakes at 330. He gave me enough time to prep dinner and wash dishes, maybe.

I don’t have time to blog during nap, unless I don’t shower. I miss you all and I miss writing. And the night only gets more crazy. So I’ll leave you to that. This is life lately!

It’s taken a dramatic hit on my writing and blogging.

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My oldest is 3 3/4 years of age. Over the last 2-3 months the whining kicked it. MY ears are so sick of this whining and it really gets the best of me. It really makes me cave in quickly to something I already said NO to. I’m doing it all wrong for sure. whining

What is whining?  It’s your little one’s more mature form of crying. It’s there to get your attention.

Rule # 1 : Stop giving in to the whining. He Whines because it works on me. Instead, to stop the whining I will try to be empathetic to his feelings first. ” Telling you no really made you feel disappointed, sad”. Move on in conversation, location after showing youre empathy for his feelings.

Rule #2:  Set the reminder. “Uh-oh, your nice voice has disappeared! I wonder where it went!” Proceed to look for it by calling “nice voice where are you?”

Rule # 3: whining is a call for attention. Maybe I need to sit back and engage more often and remember rule 1 and 2.  Make sure that your child gets enough of your positive attention, unprovoked.  I’m lacking on this big time!

Remember: Children only continue behaviors that get results.


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Lets’s recap  June

– One month of classes left and I want to give them my all.   Accomplished

-I will run my first EVER 1/2 Marathon. Accomplished (and I didn’t die)

– After my 1/2, which is the first week in June, I will resume my Monday and Friday schedule of cross training doing HILT with some running. Accomplished

– Try out ONE new class at the gym this month. A friend of mine recommended YOGA. The only YOGA I’ve ever done was when I was pregnant. It really wasn’t what I call a workout, but I think I could benefit from much needed stretching. Only problem is , it conflicts with my Zumba class. Failed, but went to Zumba instead, so really its an accomplishment in my book

-Take ONE day where the boys and I go do something special in the late mornings. HOly batman, its been almost EVERY MORNING.   Accomplished. 



1. Continue to Rock my 530 am boot camp classes. It’s always a challenge to get up that early, but week 2 is here and I’m already feeling stronger. I will go at least 3 days a week!

2.  Read a new book: seriously any book will do. I really miss reading. I’ll choose one book this month and finish it. Any suggestions?

3. I really need to do something crafty this month. I’ll get back to you on what that is exactly because I need to go pinterest a few ideas. Momma needs craft time.
Monthly Goals

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It amazes me how much Calvin LOVES to pretend play. We were lucky enough to get a hand me down shirt that came with a cape. A stunt man cape to be exact. It’s his new favorite shirt to wear, and he does it so well. Check out his stunts.


This is the upside down, hold on stunt. Best swing set stunt …..EVER.IMG_6905

This next stunt doesn’t require any pants. So this a pant less stunt. IMG_6918

This stunt is the twirly bird stunt. YOu wind up the swing and hang on tight.IMG_6921 IMG_6923 IMG_6924


This stunt is the half seat. You sit straddling the seat. This gives a nice sea saw effect.IMG_6932

The fly like an air plane stunt.IMG_6945

I can only imagine how these swing set stunts will become more dangerous over time. Do you remember your own “Swing” set stunts? 

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Menu Plan Sunday ICON

Nothing too exciting over here this week on the menu. Trying TWO new recipes this week, but they look super easy to do and make.

Menu Plan TIP # 55- Not all dinners  need to be 25% protein, 50% Veggies& Fruit, or 25% whole grain.  

As we all strive to put food on our table, your plate proportions might look differently then the one below. Meal planning will help you meeting these guidelines for all meals. Give it a try. Again if you have any questions about meal planning and you need more direction, don’t hesitate to ask questions. I should write an e-book one day on menu planning.


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Not sure I really need to explain this Non-scale Victory.   Pictures don’t lie!!

These two pictures were taken almost 6 months apart. The before was in December of 2013, only 7 months p postpartum. The other was just about two and a half weeks ago. I see amazing changes just in my face alone. While the photos are taken from different angles and lighting, I do notice that my face is much more skinnier. Do you see it too?

2014-05-16It’s not a shocker to see the weight come off at the scale. But that little thing likes to play with your mind way to much. PICTURES my friends are where you see proof, along with clothing. They don’t lie to you!

So today’s non- scale victory is a comparison of my face 6 months apart. I like what I see!



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My whole world revolves around my kids. They wake up at 6 5am, I wake up with them.

Your little comes home from school sick, the next day you have the same illness.

I sleep, eat, and drink these kids, day and night.
Losing yourself to motherhood is like a rite of passage. The problem is, finding your way back. There were many times in the past 4 years that I HAD ABSOLUTELY NO idea what the heck I was doing.

AND the truth is………. I still don’t have a clue sometimes. IMG_6755

But the difference between back then when I lost myself in motherhood and NOW, is the fact that motherhood doesn’t come with texts books. I had to make my own and I now know that.  In the book I’m writing, I’ve found ways to be a better mom, a better wife, a better person and how to be ME AGAIN.

As a matter of fact, none of the books out there I’ve read or the prenatal classes I attended for my first son, ever told/shown motherhood like it really is.

Which for me I’ve learned or figured out on my own and coped with.

You will lose a part of yourself when you become a mother. But also that you will find an inner strength like no other.

I’ve also found a new me, which isn’t completely bad. Heck, I even shaped a new part of me which I’ve been digging. I’ve never felt stronger in my life. I’ve done things I could never possible imagine was possible being a mom.

Don’t limit yourself because you feel lost. Find your limits and get lost in them. Being a mom is hard work, but losing yourself is hard enough to manage. I don’t want to be sending my kids out the door when they are young adults only to be left wondering who is this woman that they are leaving behind. For me, staying grounded as a woman needs to be given priority too. (As does being a wife – my other incredibly important role.) Some may say I give less to my children. Surely there are ways to do it that don’t mean giving less to my children (or to my role as their mother) while also creating healthy boundaries that will serve all of us for the long haul.

How do I not lose myself in motherhood, YOU ASK?

Slowly I found my groove. Since having children I’ve had to tone down the traveling, readjust my life and work schedule, and breath. 

I know that in this point in my life I will probably give far more time to my children than I give to myself (and to most people in fact) and I’m making peace with that.

But I also know it’s important for me to continue to grow as a person, continue to explore my own passions, continue to give time and attention and focus to other areas in my life too AND I AM.

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Why yes, I ‘m going to barf on you.

This post has nothing to do with barf and to do with everything else. It’s one of those days where words just spew from my head to a lovely blog post. This one, the one you’re reading now. So brace yourself for the barf of ideas, words, thoughts, in no random order. Need a napkin yet to clean up?


Barf round 1:

So for the last 3 weeks the kids have been getting up before 6 am. While 5:45 isn’t as bad as it seems to get up, 5 am is. I’m sick of this bullshit of getting up so early. It makes me a cranky monster in the morning. Once one kid is up, it’s hard NOT to wake the other one up. For some reason we are a loud family. There is no tip toeing, inside voices, or quietly shutting doors. Even at 6 am it’s not so bad, but 5am it is. I’ve been losing 1 hour of sleep for the last 3 weeks and its driving me NUTS. The kids do go to bed at 630pm, so there is a win win for everything.

Barf round 2:

Where the fuck did my mojo of running go? I accomplished a huge running milestone and bam…… I hate running!

Actually I don’t hate running, I just don’t have a purpose to run. MUST FIND purpose! Oh yeah…. I’m dropping pounds and gaining muscle.  I’m switching gears and finding myself staying away from running. I managed to squeak out 4.5 miles last week. THAT’S IT!  My knees are still sore from the half and I just don’t know if I want to run.

Barf round 3:

I can’t keep up with dirty towel and clothing. The summer is here and we go through at least 3 outfits a day. I don’t mind my kids getting dirty, but still. Maybe their new outfit of the day will be their birthday suit. I can’t keep up.




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Just about two weeks ago I wasn’t sure if I could cross my own fence.  Going back and forth about running my first half was pretty intense. After crossing off my first goal to run a 15k and talking to other runners before hand, doing a half marathon wasn’t to far off in my training.

So I ran with it literally.  I printed out a half marathon training plan, did a little tweaking and made it work.

I ran my FIRST Half Marathon over the weekend. It was an emotional journey of running. Its in the books. I finished.

10329744_10202976267825476_7866534037045334884_oIt was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in running. It most certainly was a challenge with all the hills and the extra miles that I had yet to run.

I cried at the end!

I cried at mile 11 when my body felt like giving up. Every thing hurt, except the tip of my nose.

But in the end, I was happy with my time 2:53. It only get’s better from here on out. I try to remember the journey and where it all has started. 

newburgh half with beer Newburgh half susan




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