Good morning Sunday. How quickly you have come. This 4th of July weekend has flown by. It is not over yet but it sure came an went.  Calvin and I have enjoyed the extra time with daddy this weekend, as he had Friday off. Coodos to his company celebrating 40 years and giving all their employees some much need time off. We will take it. I love four day weekends. Ahh,. really my husband enjoys them more.  Our weekend has not been that busy. Very enjoyable actually.

We cleaned the house, as best as we could with a 8 month old crawling around.  We did some deep cleaning… LIke pulling out the stove to clean behind it, loading up winter clothing from our drawers and closet, washing mirrors.

We had some friends over for dinner on Saturday afternoon. It was very fun and some delicious food. I have to say I am glad we have a deck and a grill to enjoy the out doors with our friends.

Sunday morning we woke to a happy baby. Just to fill you in……….. Calvin had a temp of 100.2 on Thursday. It scares me to see my baby not being himself. Oh and the whining, I just cant take. We loaded him up with some IBprofin and he was good to go. He caught up on some good sleep. So (this)Sunday morning he was such a little hamburger. Throwing some cheese ball smiles, with his nose scrunched up was priceless.


Just and update on some good things that are happening with our little baby.

  • we are not onto sippie cups for good. No more bottles!
  • We are onto drinking whole milk mixed with formula in those sippie cups
  • we are crawling at lightening speed these days
  • our two teeth are up and crunching on food
  • we had our first runny nose (not enjoyable for all involved)
  • Calvin went to the beach for the first time and loved eating sand. He also loved splashing and crawling in the water.
  • Calvin had his first over night at his Grandma M’s house while I attended my 10 year high school reunion.


We have been busy around here! So the menu this week might just happen tomorrow, IF i feel up to it.  HAPPY 4th OF JULY.

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  1. Shannon Whelan says:

    I made your blog!!!! :)

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