Well with all this humidity in the air Calvin’s dresser drawers stick. Check out his room here to find the dresser that I DIY. I don’t know if it’s the type of paint I used or what. But you really have to yank on them to open. I found a great solution to help improve the drawer flowage.

What you’ll need:

Candle with out the flame

Bar of soap

Lip Balm

-Candle (white), waxy bar of soap, lip balm

What you’ll need to do:

- Rub the candle, waxy bar of soap, lip balm on the top an bottom interior edges of the drawer and the track of the drawer

- Open and close a few times until its moves nice and smoothly.

Stupid little trick, but it really works. Oh and if you have a screen door that doesn’t move well. This trick applies.

Happy unsticking your drawers.





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