Ah………lately its been a busy month.

  • We finally got a new dishwasher. It was my early x-mas present. Hubby tried to tell me that I couldn’t use it till x-mas. Does he want an unhappy WIFE? heck no………

    Not ours, but close


  • The xmas tree is not up yet. I did decorate the mantel a little bit. It can’t look to scrooge-ish around here. Although I have now realized that most of the decorations wont be going up this year. It’s due to a dino destroying midget running around the house.

    I hate artificial wreaths.


  • I have made a beautiful wreath for my front door out of REAL pine and up-cycled materials (like always). Can’t wait to post it for you to see.


  • We have not gone grocery shopping in like two weeks. Yes I feel like there is nothing to eat in the house. I have been more then ever, creative with our meals. Oh and I got  a chance to clean, wipe, disinfect the freezer, and refrigerator. Its been a while and those crustiness had TO GO.


  • Our weekly grind to the story time at the library has come to a screeching halt. We just have been so off schedule with naps and eating,pooping, and peeing, its not worth the extra frustration to go. But we do make it to the library for some play time and books.

Wish my kid sat like that!

  • I still need to do lots of shopping. When and where? I dont know. maybe I can dream about shopping and then it will come true.


  • I am having Xmas at my house this year. I have not started to plan any of the event. Still need the tree up.

Okay before this post turns into a bitch feast……………………..Its time to go! byes.

But wait. Don’t forget to enter in the Melissa and Doug give away.







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