I have not put up the tree in fear that all the blubs and decorations will become broken.

By whom you ask?

A midget Dinosaur named Calvin.

He likes to destroying  things: first by grabbing, then tasting, then throwing, and usually rinse and repeat with a clap of the hands when finished.

This year I have become inventive. I will make a few less breakable decorations for the tree. On my list is: Tissue Paper Poinsettias

Tissue Paper Poinsettia

Easy peasy pudding pie , arts and craft project.

Supples for Tissue paper poinsettia

What you need:

  • Red and green tissue paper (more red then green)
  • Green pipe cleaners
  • Silver pipe cleaners
  • Sharp paper scissors

What to do:

  1. Start off by cutting your red and greentissue paper about 5X6 inches. This measurement DOESN’T have to be exact or a pretty cut(what I mean by pretty, is that it doesn’t have to be super straight).

    Layer paper

  2. Take 3 reds, and one green and lay them together.
  3. Fan fold the tissue paper about 3/4 inch (doesn’t have to look pretty)

    Fan fold

  4. Tie the long green pipe cleaner in the center of the fan. Then cut one silverpipe cleaner and wrap in the middle as well (this is the stuff in the middle of the flower).

    Add pipe cleaner to center

    Sliver pipe cleaner

  5. Cut a triangle out on both sides

    Triangle cut

  6. Fluff your flower out. Fluff by pulling each layer apart. Start from the center layer first. Go easy, and dont worry if it tears a little.

    Starting to fluff from center

  7. Continue to fluff until it looks good.

    Finished Poinsettia




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4 Responses to Tissue paper Poinsettia

  1. Rondi says:

    Love arts and crafts! Very pretty! Thanks for joining our Terrific Thursday Blog Hop! Have a great weekend!! :)

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  3. Marie says:

    Did this with my toddler class much fun!

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