I have been so busy around these ol’ parts decorating and making, baking and crafting. I am really in the spirit of Christmas. I am once again joining NewlyWoodwards DIY project.

This weeks challenge: Dare to … deck the halls!
Make something new to deck your halls. Did you find something in a catalog that you wish you had? Wreaths, stockings, pillows or advent calendars?

Dare to DIY

This Christmas was a little different. Things needed to be BABY proof. No small items, no glass decorations and everything needed to fit high up on a shelf.

So here are a few creations of my own.

I made tissue paper poinsettias for the tree this year. They really added a bit of color and an over all feel or joy to the tree. I also made paper Christmas ornaments. Easy, reusable, and not worried if the dinosaur gets his paws on them. I went on a hunt in the back yard for some pine cones and tied them together. I broke out the Balsam and Ceder Yankee Candle. MY FAVORITE.

Next up My front door Wreath. If you have been following me, the wreath changes for the fall season , Summer Time, and holidays.

I used real pine that I cut from a tree in my back yard. An old bell from an ornament that fell off 2 years ago. I think it turned out charming! And the best part. It was ALL FREE.

Next up. The Tree and Mantel, and of course some pictures of my cutie pies.I have been busy around here DIYing the Halls.


Box Christmas Tree DIY

Pine action DIY project









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8 Responses to Deck the Halls………..DIY STyle

  1. claire says:

    you have been busy! nice job!! i love the little hats on the silhouettes!

    • Dont you just love those silhouettes? I did them for out wedding 2 1/2 years ago. I thought, well I should keep these out and just put santa hats on them. ANd it worked well for this holiday. Thanks for noticing that I have been busy. I sure feel like i have, and I am enjoying every crafty moment I can get. Thanks so much for stopping by to say hello.

  2. Great ideas! They all look so nice!

  3. Everything looks so nice. I’m esp. digging the paper pointsettias on the tree. What a clever idea! We don’t have kids, but we also have to be careful with breakable things because we have a naughty dog. Two years ago, he knocked over an entire tree! Ugh!

    Thanks so much for linking up to Dare to DIY!

  4. Keri says:

    Everything looks great! I love those silhouettes! I really want to do some of my family!

    • Janelle says:

      Thanks so much Keri for stopping by. The silhouettes are not to hard to do. Just a little time consuming. It would be cute to do your whole family and hang them in the oval frames.

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