About 2 1/2 years ago we bought our very first house. We didn’t have much. But what we have is very loved.  Take for instance: used furniture, hand me down bed sheets, homemade rugs. These things have got us through and with out them we would have nothing.

One special item that was given to us was our kitchen table.  My mother-in law gave us the table. It had 4 chairs and it worked. It did its job by allowing us a place to gather and eat our meals. We are thankful for this place because this is where we gather as a family to sit and talk about our week and life. Our table was not pretty. It is not the one I would dream about for my house.  Frankly, I tossed a table cloth over it and moved on. It did its job and it did it well.

I talk like this table has a life and it’s a person.  I talk about it this way because to me it has seen life and it has been around for a few generations. It has seen many fine meals and listened to many conversations. Our table is very old. It is Calvin’s Great Grandparents table.  Can you imagine how food and meals were back then on this gorgeous table?  I can, and they look and sound like ours are now.  I couldn’t be happier for this.

As part of my “2012 Goals” was to care and put some love into this table. I think it deserves it from all those meals and conversations it has witnessed. Plus, I was so sick of looking at how ugly this table has become. I wanted to put life back into this table for all the giving it has done in the past. Check out my Dining room makeover from last year.

Table Before

Table after

Oh so Shinny

I will admit, I was down right scared that I would mess it up. But seriously, from where it was to now, there was no going back. I absolutely love it and ready to tackle more used furniture project. I still need to finish the chairs, but those can wait.



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  1. Lisa Hankins says:

    I think you did a great job! I’m completely with you on giving family pieces a new lease on life and letting them continue to be an integral part of our daily lives. I am blessed to have several pieces from my grandparents and I know they would be happy that I’m using them as I see fit! Your table is truly lovely now!

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