I have found you. I’m Now accepting Guest Posts. Please consider writing a post for my blog. Below are the guidelines if interested. Please say you’re interested!

Looking for Guests

The Guidelines

  • The post content should apply to the blog topics: mother hood, babies, arts and crafts, gardening and design.
  • I prefer posts between 300 and 1000 words long.
  • Your post must be original, be written by you, and never have been published elsewhere (in print or on the ‘net).
  • Please provide a 2- to 3-sentence byline introducing yourself to my readers and linking to your own blog, if you have one. It is not necessary for you to have your own blog, however, I’m happy to direct readers to your flickr photostream, etsy shop, favorite craftster tutorial, or nothing at all.
  • At least one image MUST accompany your post.
  • Once the article is posted, I encourage you to link to it on your own blog, via twitter, and elsewhere. You should be proud of what you’ve written! I wouldn’t have agreed to publish it if I didn’t think it made a good contribution to the discussion of creativity and motherhood.
  • Each post can have a two- to three-sentence bio with up to two links (preferably to another blog you write for or your own business), which will appear at the end of the article.
  • Please consider checking back on the post and participating in any discussion that may arise in the comments.
  • I reserve the right to edit the content (with approval from you, of course) and will edit the formatting to suit the blog layout. (Although if you provide me with standard HTML markup, that is really awesome!)

How Do I Submit?

If you have a post you feel meets the criteria, please email me the completed post domesticallyseasoned (at)gmail (dot) com. I will usually respond within 72 hours with a decision to accept the post or not. (If I don’t accept it, you are obviously welcome to submit it elsewhere!)

Frequently asked questions and Disclaimers

  • Will you give me a topic? Not really.
  • Formatting: Text files attached to an email with a picture
  • How much editing will I do? That depends on the article.
  • Submission of a guest post implies release of rights for me to publish your words on my blog. Due credit will be given to each author and no attempt will be made to claim credit for another’s work.
  • I reserve the right to not post any essay that is submitted, and may or may not inform you of the reasons behind those decisions. I will, however, inform you of my decision regarding your post, and inform you of publication date.
  • Guest posting is an opportunity to promote your own blog, but please do not use your guest post as an opportunity to promote products unless they are related to the blog topic.
  • I have the right to neh or yeh your topic.

So lets do this! Email me at domesticallyseasonded (at) gmail (dot) com

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