It is hard to turn on the television without the remote. But its possible to just hit the button on the tv, but easier to turn on the tv with the remote.

I had no freaking clue where the remote when to. I searched the couch and the obvious places for it. Nothing except a few cheerios laying around. So I ate them. Just kidding

Then  I had to pee. (can you see where this is leading to). I found the remote. Yup can you guess where it was?

It was in the bathroom. Chillan on the toilet. Good thing it wasn’t chillian in the toilet.  I have to tell you a secrete. My whole house is like this. Random things in the wrong room. Who would find a spatula in their bedroom. This girl. I found a sock in the garbage can. My wallet in the kitchen drawer, tape in Calvin’s  crib, and cheerios all over the place (underwear draw included).

Like I said my house is less than clean, but my child/ren are making memories. (and I am losing my mind trying to find things around here)

Have you found random items in spots from your kids?

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