Welcome to Real Diaper week, Day 1.

During Real Diaper Week I will be joining others to help raise awareness about cloth diapering and the Great Cloth Diaper Change of 2012. Stay tuned for the Cloth Diapering Giveaway and a week of education, personal cloth diapering posts by Eco-friendly, cloth diapering MOMS.


Kate, here from zMOMbie.com to share with you some Cloth Diapering 101.


Here are some common options ranked from easy to tricky:

  • All-in-one diaper
  • Pocket diaper that you stuff with a liner
  • Fitted under a cover
  • Prefold under a cover
  • Flat under a cover

It can then be overwhelming if you also take into consideration things like…

  • brand
  • organic vs. non-organic materials
  • snaps vs. velcro
  • one-size-fits-all vs. sized
  • wash at home vs. use a diaper service

There are a lot of personal decisions to be made, if you decide to bite the bullet and join us “trendy” cats.

I originally went the route of prefolds and diaper covers. My reasoning? It was all about the Benjamins, baby.

  • They are bit cheaper.
  • You don’t need as many covers because they’re often not dirty after each use and can just be rinsed and reused (or so I was told).
  • Prefolds can be used as burp clothes and eventually will be used as cleaning rags.

I ordered 24 infant Chinese prefolds through Cotton Babies and I got 8 Thirsties Duo Wrap diaper covers through Amazon.

There are a variety of folds you can use with this method. I like the way they are described here. I usually go with the “Angel Wings” or sometimes the “Bikini Twist”. Some people just fold it like a newspaper and fit it straight into the cover itself. Here, my lovely assistant allows me to demonstrate the “Angel Wings” approach:

Lay prefold and cover down under baby butt.

Fold in the sides and pull up between the legs like so.

Attach the back wings to the front using a Snappi.

Attach Thirsties Duo Wrap diaper cover, making sure the prefold is completely tucked in the back, front, and leg areas.

This method worked well at first, but after a few months my daughter became too squirmy to go through all those steps. Since she was outgrowing her diaper covers by this point anyway, we decided to try something else.

Cloth diapering, take two!

This time, we went straight for the All-in-One option. I wanted everything easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy. The BumGenius Elementals looked great, but are about $25 a piece (hence why I went the prefold route, originally). But, Cotton Babies gives a discount when you buy a larger quantity. I decided on a 12-pack and a 6-pack. (Most people would be okay with just 12. If you’re like me and prefer to have several back-ups stashed around and don’t do laundry as often, order some more.)

I LOVE THEM AND I’M NEVER GOING BACK. The little one loves them, too…


What else might you need?

The wet bags from Planet Wise rock. The BumGenius diaper sprayer attachment for your toilet is great to have once the change over from breast-fed poo happens.

I’ve read not to use Desitin for diaper rash with cloth diapering, so I’ve been using Grandma El’s Diaper Rash Remedy and Prevention. We’re about 60% through the 3.5 oz tub after 7 months.

Washing would be easier with a top-loader. But we’ve managed to make it work with a front loader despite the reduced water use. I put on the pre-soak, pre-wash, and extra-rinse settings. The load takes a long time, but does a very good job. The extra fast spin cycle also helps to cut drying time. Make sure to use a detergent recommended for cloth diapering, like Rockin’ Green, so that your investment does not lose absorbancy.

They should dry up nicely in the dryer, or you can always set up drying racks or lines outside. Starting soon, I’d like to do some drying out in the sun to fade a little staining.

If you’re looking for more how-to info on cloth diapering, there are lots of good sites out there and even some YouTube tutorials. Here’s a good place to start: Cotton Babies

And, don’t forget to stay tuned all week here at Domestically Seasoned for more cloth diapering excitement. Don’t forget to enter for the awesome giveaway?

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What’s your method? Share with us your cloth diapering experience.

Oh, man! It’s almost summer! Did you know there are cloth SWIM diapers, too? I better get to picking some out, soon…

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21 Responses to Day 1: Real Simple Real Diapers Outreach

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  2. Julie M. says:

    Thanks for the giveaway:-)

  3. Sarah Jane says:

    It’s hard to choose what my favorite is, but one of my favorites is Fuzzibunz perfect size. They’re SO much better than the one size. I’m actually able to get a good fit on my daughter with the mediums, plus they’re trim.

  4. Rachel says:

    I am in love with fitteds. I love our Monkey Snuggles (wahm – has her own website) ones… They are adorable, super absorbant, and breathable – especially if paired with wool. They are our go-to overnight diaper right now.

    However, I need my variety of AIO, Pocket, AI2… Heck, even our prefolds! They all have a time and place.

  5. CInella says:

    I would have to say that I love the bamboo diaper I got from Bambino, super soft and absorbent!

  6. Amy Poore says:

    Bum genius 4.0 pocket is all we have tried. We are new to CD.

  7. I used ones called Coolababy from a shop on ebay. I loved them! They were the size adjustable all-in-ones, cost about 6$ a piece, came with extra inserts for each diaper, and lasted me through 2 kids (almost 4 years) before they started to leak! I highly recommend them to anyone!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. Katy Emanuel says:

    Our favourites right now are our Applecheeks. They are a great fit and we love that they are made in Canada and not overseas

  9. samantha clinton says:

    i recently just won a grovia AIO its my first AIO and i must say i LOVE it. just wish i had some more :)

  10. Julie M. says:

    Favorite cloth diaper is flip by cottonbabies! Ease of use, trim fit, great for on the go!

  11. Ashley Pistolis says:

    I haven’t had the opportunity to use a cloth diaper yet. LO is due in August and I’m still waiting on my first package of Fluff to arrive! But the Fuzzibunz pockets and Ragababes 2-Step interest me so far. They both get great reviews and they seem easy to use. I would also like to try prefolds to save money.

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