Welcome to Real Diaper week, Day 3.

During Real Diaper Week I will be joining others to help raise awareness about cloth diapering and the Great Cloth Diaper Change of 2012. Stay tuned for the Cloth Diapering Giveaway and a week of education, personal cloth diapering posts by Eco-friendly, cloth diapering MOMS.


Vikki from Sonrise Diaper Service has been a helping hand for me personally when it comes to cloth Diapering. She is my “go” to person when I have questions and need answers fast. Don’t forget to check out Sonrise Diaper Service and read the Sonrise Story.

Graciously, Janelle has asked me to write a guest post  for her this week to celebrate Real Diaper Week…ahem…that’s CLOTH diapers people!

So I will be talking about the $avings you can expect when changing to cloth diapers from throw-away, or as the world knows them – disposables.

When you have a baby there are (what seems like) MILLIONS of decisions you have to make – where are you delivering, who is your pediatrician, what color is the nursery going to be and so on – and everyone expects you to make them ASAP! Well…diapering is not one of those choices you must make quickly or even make before the baby is born. You will have to have a few different styles on hand to try, and once tried, decide what you’d like to use and what your baby’s caretaker would like to use also (if they will be taking care of your baby for a significant amount of time you should really try to accommodate them also.)

Here’s the breakdown…

As you can see the numbers speak for themselves. You WILL $ave money by using cloth diapers, how much you save is up to you. Some factors that will affect how much you can save is the type of diapers you use, if you are using a diaper service or not and if you use any disposables or not.

Also, one big thing not to forget is that you can USE THESE DIAPERS ON YOUR NEXT BABY TOO!!!! That’s where the HUGE savings come in.

So whether you choose to use cloth or not is up to you, but be informed about your decision and how its affecting your baby’s health and the health of their planet.



For further inquiries please contact Vikki at vikki@sonrisediaperservice.com or stop and see us at The Great Cloth Diaper Change in Halfmoom, NY this Saturday, April 21st at 10am.


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8 Responses to Day 3: Real Cloth Diaper $avings

  1. I love seeing those numbers! What a difference. And, I don’t think all-in-ones really changes those numbers too drastically, either (just maybe $100 more).

  2. Justice Montgomery says:

    I am really crazy about prefolds. I’ve got some cheapo gerber flats that I stripped and have been using as burpies for the last few kids that I’m now using as inserts, but I think I need to buy some OFFICIAL and GOOD QUALITY flats as part of my stash because the gerber flats are paper thin and seem way too small. I folded it last night to see if I could participate in the flats for a week, no dryer and no washer event, but they looked like they’d only fit a preemie when I got done with them LOL Velcro pockets are dad’s style though LOL

    • Janelle says:

      I haven’t used many prefolds yet. I too bought some gerber cheapo’s and they sucked big time. They are not rags and wash cloths. There are lots of prefolds out there to choose from and some really good quality ones. Go with hemp!

  3. Kristen says:

    Thanks for the breakdown. My baby is 2 years and 9 months old so we are on the older end of the spectrum and I JUST bought some pull-ups for him. Looking at the stat you put up for buying them for a year really shocked me! Gonna have to save these pull-ups for at night (and not buy anymore) and get out the underwear! There is no way I am going to literally throw away $1000 in the next year. :)

  4. momto8blog says:

    I wish I would have read this when my kids were in diapers. very convincing!

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