Yeah you saw that right! April 29th till May 12th. I am going to try planning a 2 week menu. TWO WEEKS. Usually I plan for just one week and go grocery shopping for it, but I have found that I actually buy enough food to last about two weeks. Who wants to go to the grocery store every week. NOT ME.

Menu 4/29-5/12

check out last weeks menu
  • Sunday- Chicken pot pie from scratch, made from left over chicken and miscellaneous food in the refrigerator
  • Monday- Cobb salad with the works and two eggs- meatless/sorta (hubby wants some kind of meat)
  • Tuesday- Steak ham on the grill with perogies and  Brussels sprouts
  • Wednesday- Leftovers
  • Thursday- Ham and cheese turnovers
  • Friday- Home Made Pizza night- white with broccoli cooked on the grill
  • Saturday-Broccoli, Shrimp Stir-fry with wild rice
  • Sunday- Beer butt chicken on the grill with a salad and cottage cheese
  • Monday-Ham and cheese turnovers
  • Tuesday-Grill Cheese and tomato soup
  • Wednesday-Chicken Caesar Tetrazzini
  • Thursday-Leftovers
  • Friday- Homemade pizza- red sauce with pepperoni, ham, and sausage, onions
  • Saturday-Hamburger on the grill with sweet potato fries and slaw


This weeks Menu Planning tip: STORING Your Fruits and Vegetables So They Don’t Go to Waste!


Spoiled foods cost you money and deprive you of nutrients. So lets talk about storing fruits and veggies. Great tasting fruits and vegetables begin with proper storage at home. Keep in mind the FIFO rule: First In, First Out. (this also should apply to your pantry)

Use whatever is oldest first and continually rotate your stock to ensure freshness and reduce waste. The FIFO rule applies to all types of foods:fresh, frozen, dried or canned fruits & veggies.

  • Fresh- Should be used with-in days. Do check out this pdf. for each specific fruit & Veggies storage for specific guidelines on how to keep them!
  • Frozen- store at zero degrees, use with-in 8 months
  • Canned- Shelf life of 2 years! store at room temp
  • Dried- store in a cool dark place, last 4 months to a year

Rule of thumb for all: check the  “Use by” date on the package always.



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