Calvin has ventured into the world of Dramatic Play. He imitates me on a daily bases with props and objects. Some days it’s of me cooking, talking on the phone, or even maybe yelling at him.

But skiing?    When do/did I ski? Perhaps he saw it on TV or in a book.

Why do kids imitate us through Dramatic Play?

Kids usually act out feelings that they can’t express directly. While “playing” they are developing their creativity and imagination while developing an understanding of the world around them.

To foster dramatic play and development, children need unstructured play, especially with objects that just don’t go together.

Offer props such as an old phone, hats and shirts to try on, empty bottles and boxes to create a grocery store. I think I shall work on offering more objects for dramatic play in our house hold.

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One Response to Dramatic Play and why it’s important to child development

  1. Krystyn says:

    What an adorable little play-skier you have!

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