My Birth Story

My Birth Story!

So for the last 2 months of my pregnancy I had to have twice a week a stress test and two ultrasounds. Yup that’s 2 stress test and 2 ultrasounds per week. I had toxemia. That is where your blood pressure is sky high and you swell to look like an elephant. Yeah it was very uncomfortable. So due to this extrema swelling, high blood pressure I was going to be induced. I was so totally over being pregnant. So I was game. My doctor told me on Friday that I was going to deliver on Tuesday October 26th. But before hand they wanted to see me on Monday to soften my cervix. So Monday comes and to prep me for labor on Tuesday they need to insert Luminaries into my cervix. No biggie. The luminaries are there to soften and ripen your cervix. So hopefully some dilation would accrue. OH yeah it did its job.

Tuesday came bright and early. We were told to call this number and be at the hospital no later than 7am and DON’T eat anything. Right you’re telling a pregnant lady to not eat anything. Any who. I had a yogurt. I was nervous as fuck going into the hospital. Check in was a breeze. Did I mention I was nervous?

We get to my room. Its the same room my sister delivered one of her kids in. So I though it was pretty special. I meet my nurse. I meet the resident. I meet a student. I don’t mind that it is a learning hospital, but it was a little over whelming. Mostly because of the thousand questions. But at that time it was 9 am, no potocin, and the luminaries were not taken out yet. Yeah there were 5 of them in there. So the resident comes and takes them out. OUCH OUCH OUCH………I nearly cried. He tried breaking my water. No such luck, but I wanted to kick him right in the face. THAT FUCKING HURT. About 930 my doctor comes in. Asks me why I ate. Duh I am hungry I said to him. WOW I was a bitch. But after that resident trying to break my water, I was not in a good mood. I was hungry, nervous and on the urge to flee.

My Doctor breaks my water. It didn’t hurt. That felt so strange. Hot liquid pouring out of you. I was 3 cm dilated. They started potocin and my contractions came on strong. It was around 11am. The anesthesiologist came and met with me. She was super nice! Thank goodness. I had a few contractions and she waited for them to end. I need to breath through a few of them. Ouchy. I told her I didn’t want one at this time but I might consider having one. My doctor checked me I was 4 cm dilated. And man did the contractions hurt. I was using some much needed breathing techniques. I stood up a few times, went to the bathroom. OH IT HURT. I asked my nurse for the epidural.

So the anesthesiologist came and prepped me. Asked everyone to leave (mom, sister) and of course my I wanted my husband there. He held be while it all happened. I closed my eyes and just listed to what the anesthesiologist was telling me to do. I was nervous. What if it didn’t work? Is this going to relax me a little? I want to barf. Did I mention that a student was with her and the students teacher. So many people.

Let me tell you. The best thing I did was get that epidural. I was totally relaxed and less anxious about everything. I was super freaked out about getting an epidural. What with the needle as long as your arm and all the horror stories I’d hurt about it not taking effect or only numbing one side… Turns out, it was awesome. AWESOME. And the needle didn’t really hurt at all. I’d take that needle five times over if it mean I didn’t feel those gnarly contractions.

I’m not going to lie, the contractions I felt before the epidural were brutal. I was only dilated to a 4 before I summoned the anesthesiologist and I thought I was going to die! Breathing totally helps. Deep breaths and holding your husband’s hand until you nearly crush every bone in his fingers. I don’t know how women do it naturally. My body felt like it was breaking wide open. Yay for the epidural!


So basically we waited! And waited! Alan went and ate dinner at the cafe. Some went out and had a cigerate and a coffee. I just laied in bed and watched tv. A shift changed happened and I got two young nurses. They were younger than I. And we talked about dancing with the stars. It was really relaxing. They slipped me a few tix-tacs! Yeah thats right! We were cool. Those tasted like heaven. It was the orange flavored ones! YuMMY. They were only on a 4 hour shift. They wished me luck.


Then the next nurse came on. Gosh I dont remember the time. But She is the lucky lady to help me through my delivery. Her name is Sue. If you live where I Do…. I hope you have her too. At first she acted like a bitch. You have too many people In the room. Your allowed only 2. well I had 4 including my husband. But we reassure her its was okay and that is what I wanted. I was 6cm at 6 pm. Could we hurry up down there. I couldn’t feel my legs or contractions. Thank goodness. I could see them on the screen. I meet another resident. She was cool too. She had a soft voice that sounded like a 5 year old. But she was super gentle and easy to talk too.


9pm hit and I could start to feel my contractions. I asked for more med right away. I started to have to breath through them again. They hit me up with some Demerol. Ah relief. But then it hit me. I have to poop. The nurse was like okay, no biggy. NO LIKE I REALLY have to shit lady. ( I remember in the class I took, when u feel like yoru going to have a bowl movement its time for baby) UM nurse you dont understand. I have to poop. She summoned the doctor, Fully dilated. WOOOH WOOH. Time for a baby to come out. She told me to listen to her and only push when she said so. Okay I can do that.

My mom gets on one side of me and my husband on the other and they help hold my legs.


When it comes to pushing, I was worried about everything. I didn’t want to splay my legs open for the world to see, I wondered if I’d know how to push. What if I did it wrong? Turns out, by the time you’re ready to push, you don’t give a damn about anything but getting that baby out. Trust me. Just push like you do when you poop and you’ll do just fine, I promise. I just focused on my mom counting to ten and all was good. I had to yell that someone needed to count. It really helped me to focus.


I asked for a mirror to be set up so I can see him come out in action. That was the coolest thing ever! I could see him crowning. And I could feel my contractions. They said to push at each contraction and I did. They happened back to back to back to back. One right after the other. I pushed for less than ½ hour. Thank goodness. That was hard work. I really wanted to hold my baby, but he was not breathing and was Grey.

Every mama’s fear is that something will be wrong with her baby. We all wait anxiously to hear that first cry after baby has been born. Those first seconds of your baby’s life must be the longest any parent has ever suffered through. Unfortunately, I have no words of wisdom. You’ve just got to tough them out. The good news is once they’re over and you’re loving on your screaming bundle of joy for the very first time, well, those are moments you will remember forever.


I kept asking if he was okay. And he was. Just needed a little oxygen. I lay there, crying and shaking. Yeah no one told me I would shake for an hour.


The docs waited to for the placenta. Okay so I am a little strange, but I wanted to see it. It was a bloody mess, but super cool to look at. I got to see how long the cord was and everything. It was really cool. So back to baby.


Baby Calvin was fine. He was born on October 26th at 1006pm.

He had super long hair that was red!


That is my birthing story!



Click Here to see him at  1/2 year old.

and 7 months old



11 Responses to My Birth Story

  1. Kate says:

    Thank you for sharing your story! I just stumbled onto your blog and love it. Keep it up!

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  4. Heidi says:

    I loved reading your story! I didn’t opt for an epidural with my first, but I sure did for my other two births! Both times I did experience it not taking full effect but they just came back in and gave me a little more medicine and it was fine. It really didn’t hurt as much as the horror stories make it out to be.

  5. What a great post! He’s absolutely gorgeous!!

  6. Kimberly C. says:

    This reminds me of all the stupid “rules” most hospitals have such as only 2 people in the room with you. -sigh- I think I would have ordered the nurse out had she told me when to push…. my body told me when to and I was glad for most of my births those around me where smart enough to let me listen. You wrote you shook for an hour after the birth. I had that side effect with all my EPI births but sadly I got it during labor and not after. It conflicts with natural hormones I think and when you worried for your baby your body was flooded with hormones. You had a healthy beautiful baby and a typical birthing and I think this post will really help other soon to be mothers that choose that same path! Congrats!

  7. Sarah Jane says:

    I LOVE reading birth stories. Thanks for sharing yours. I enjoyed my epidural with my daughter’s birth.

  8. I think moms tell the best birthing stories because they are so excited. I mean, dads tell stories from their points of view, but nobody’s got the view of the mom but the mom!

  9. Lori says:

    Great post! Thank you for sharing. I am in a similar situation now, so your story is reassuring :)

  10. Marcia Case says:

    I just read this and it made me so nervous for labor! I mean obviously I’ve been through it before but I guess I just kind of blocked it out. I’m so not looking forward to the pain of contractions and pushing!
    Marcia Case recently posted…How to Burn 800 Calories in Just 30 MinutesMy Profile

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